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Boeuf bakheng à commander en ligne

Dish 250 gr:

For one person



Beef, rice, bamboo shoot, pineapple, homemade fish sauce (anchovy extract, sugar, water, salt, monosodium glutamate) green / red pepper, canola oil, vinegar, paprika, peanut, crushed chilli, lemon grass, turmeric , galangal, garlic, shallot.


Cooking method:

You can thaw the night before in your fridge and heat for two minutes in the microwave or directly from the freezer in the microwave for four minutes.

Bakheng beef


    Upon receipt of your package , we recommend that you place your dishes either in the freezer or in the refrigerator. Note that our dishes can be stored up to 48 hours after dispatch from our restaurants and / or 24 hours upon receipt of the package.


    If you put them in the refrigerator , it is best to consume the dish within 7 days to keep the freshness and quality of the meal.


    If you put them in the freezer , the dishes can be kept for 6 months.

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