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Sauce amok à commander en ligne

Weight: +/- 350g

Ingredients : coconut extract, water, sugar, salt, lemongrass, canola oil, garlic, lime leaf, galangal, turmeric, fish sauce (anchovy extract), chili pepper, cive, spice, paprika, sodium glutamate .


Directions : in a saucepan, cook 120 grams of meat and 150 grams of vegetables (eg: broccoli, cauliflower, green / red pepper) at 70% of its cooking time. Stir in 160 ML of Amok sauce. Simmer everything until the sauce thickens slightly and the meat is cooked through. Enjoy; You have just made an Asian dish with an indescribable taste !!!


Breaded fish amok : prepare your breaded fish fillets. Heat 100ml of Amok sauce per 200g of breaded fish. And simply pour over your fillets. It's a delight!!!


Amok sauce



    If you choose home delivery, you must order 16 items or a multiple of 16 items (16, 32, 48, ...)


    Keep in the freezer:

    You can refreeze your remaining sauce














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