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Sauce curry Bangkok à commander en ligne

5 servings


Ingredients: coconut milk, water, sugar, lemongrass, salt, anchovy extract, sodium glutamate, paprika, chilli, canola and palm oil, spice, modified starch, onion, bancoul nuts, garlic, chilli pepper , cive, lime leaf, galangal, turmeric.

coconut onion, water, coconut extract, sugar, palm oil, spices, modified starch,, salt, bancoul and garlic, fish sauce (anchovy extract), lemongrass, monosodium glutamate, chili pepper, cive, lime leaf, galangal, spices. paprika, crushed chili.





Bangkok curry sauce



    If you choose home delivery, you must order 16 items or a multiple of 16 items (16, 32, 48, ...)


    Upon receipt of your package ,

    If you plan to use within 5 days, keep your sauce in the refrigerator if not keep this product in the freezer. You can freeze this Bangkok curry sauce again






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