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Sauce de l'empéreur à commander en ligne

Ingredients :

Water, sugar, salt, modified corn starch, oyster extract, wheat flour, hot pepper, white vinegar, sodium glutamate, caramel color. Contains: oyster and wheat


Emperor's shrimp or chicken recipe :

In a skillet, heat 15g of oil over high heat. Stir in 120g of chicken or shrimp, cook for 70% of its cooking, stir in 50g of the emperor's sauce, stir a little. Stir in 150g of your favorite vegetables. Add 130ML (1/2 cup) of water and 2g of cornstarch (to thicken the sauce). Cook for one or two minutes . Taste!


Sauce de l'empéreur



    If you choose home delivery, you must order 16 items or a multiple of 16 items (16, 32, 48, ...)


    Keep in the fridge














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