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Angkor aroma recipe

Dernière mise à jour : 26 juil. 2020

Preparation time: 10 minutes Material: a frying pan Recipe: 1 person Ingredients: 120 grams of beef 130 ML of water 60 grams of broccoli 60 grams of cauliflower 50 grams of mushroom 50 grams oyster sauce with angkor flavor from sak 20 grams of red pepper 10-15 ML oil, butter 2 grams of cornstarch Pepper 1- 2 grams (depending on your tolerance or taste) Manual : Cut the beef into small strips, vegetables into bite-size pieces In the pan, heat the oil or butter over high heat Stir in meat, cook for one minute Stir in oyster sauce with angkor aroma, stir Stir in vegetables, stir At the same time ; stir in water and cornstarch, cook for one minute Add pepper any amount you want It's time for the big tasting - a marvel !!! Note: keep the heat high until the end

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